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Executive Training

Why Choose FIN1 (CCGC) LTD for Executive Training?

Industry practice shows that good executive training consultants must score 85% positive feedback from their delegates. FIN1 THE CONSULTANCY OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND COMPLIANCE (CCGC) LTD takes pride in acquiring a raIting score of 95% for design, content, and presentation.
Delivery style

Immersive Learning Experience: Dynamic, Interactive, and Customized

Truly immersive knowledge transfer experience through:
- Case studies
- Real scenarios
- Simulations from Harvard Law School.

Q & A sessions under Chatham House rules, where delegates discuss their challenges and receive truly helpful insight.

Workshops providing as much customisation as possible because we embed our clients' unique requirements into our SMART knowledge transfer tools.
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In-house training

Global Customized Training: Compliance-Aligned and Client-Focused

We design and deliver courses fully aligned with our customers' compliance requirements and their teams’ expectations.

In addition, we deliver training at most locations worldwide upon prior arrangement with our private and institutional clients.
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Post-training support

Comprehensive Training Solutions: From Strategic Support to Expert Knowledge Transfer

We provide post-training support upon request, helping companies, professionals, and government agencies to achieve their strategic mission goals.

We can also help clients build their own "expandable" training platform. Training team leaders through our fast track "training the trainer" programmes.

We are experts in transferring knowledge and best practices, and our clients' staff truly enjoy the corporate training experience in venues of the highest standard in central London and abroad.
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