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We Can Help You Address Your Corporate Governance Challenges

FIN1 THE CONSULTANCY OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND COMPLIANCE (CCGC) LTD is a boutique consultancy with a powerful and robust network of approved and appointed of counsels in place. Our service-provisions cover four areas, which we call “SALT”:

  • Strategy
  • Accountancy
  • Legal
  • Tax

Scope of Consultancy Services

The scope of our consultancy services has extended to working closely with 2nd and 3rd line of defence professionals (Board Members and Senior Management) of corporations, as well as 4th line of defence professionals from the regulatory sector.

We are specialists in assessing and overhauling enterprise-wide GRC policies and frameworks, evaluating NPLs, and delivering corporate training.


Our clients range from small, medium, to large organisations, all the way to central banks, corporations specialised in trade finance, NPLs, oil and gas, and law firms.

Geographical Area of Service Provision

FIN1 (CCGC) LTD proudly serves businesses in the UK and the European Union. Click here to learn more about our Europe services. To discuss what our company can do for yours, contact us today. 

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